Gaia Sun’s Gallery

“Gaia Sun is an amazing human and a brilliant artist.”

I met Gaia Sun walking the boardwalk in Ocean Beach, CA. They were outside setting up their art to sell for the first time and had spent their last $30 on a sun cover.

I offered to help pitch the sun cover and they accepted. Once the cover was up we parted ways, wishing each other well. 🙂

Later that evening, walking by Gaia again, they stopped me and asked if any of their art that was on display spoke to me. That they had a great day selling. I picked out one particular painting that made me feel things deeply. Gaia handed me the painting and said, “thank you for this morning.”

Since then I’ve continually been amazed by both Gaia Sun’s art and the vibrant energy that every piece gives out. So I offered to build a website to share Gaia’s art and energy with people as I feel it’s important

Gaia Sun provided the design decisions and much of the page content. Nomad Skateboarding provided the hosting, backend setup, and support. (Currently being redesigned and updated for 2023.)

Tools used to make Gaia Sun’s Gallery.


  • Built entirely using a Google Pixel 4XL Phone
  • WordPress CMS
  • Pressable Web Hosting
  • Jetpack Plugin
  • Jetpack Boost Plugin
  • Twenty TwentyTwo Theme

Project Management

  • Workflowy
  • Text Message
  • Proton Email
  • Proton Calendar

*The screenshot of Gaia Sun’s Gallery above does not accurately represent this website. Some photos and additional content are not shown. Site may be in the build or redesign process.*

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