Go Greater Good


Thomas Francine of New Jersey is a middle school teacher, hitchhiker, documentary filmmaker, positive psychology learner, hospice volunteer, and volunteering proponent. He has studied the greater good through a plethora of books, articles, conferences, trainings, volunteerings, and “at the edge of comfort zone” social experiences.

Thomas has trained directly with Dr. Philip Zimbardo and his team on how to train yourself and others to become heroes. Thomas is a certified educator of the Heroic Imagination Project through these studies.

Thomas is additionally certified in the Science of Happiness through University of California—Berkeley.

In addition to teaching language arts, Thomas leads an after-school “Hero Club” where he facilitates student learning about critical topics such as cognitive biases and effective altruism. Students decide and act upon projects to help the community. Students gain social-emotional abilities, project management skills, and become real-life heroes.

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