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  • Day One Journal Prompt – Love 🫶

    Day One Journal Prompt – Love 🫶

    ” What have you learned in your life about love?” That love and energy are two separate things. Love is (can be) limitless, bottomless, and endless. It can wait patiently and wait anxiously, all with the same intent. Energy, however, ebbs and flows every moment. It can reach fantastic highs in the blink of an…

  • 30 Days of ‘Clicking Publish’

    30 Days of ‘Clicking Publish’

    Today is day one of Cory Miller’s ’30 Days of Clicking Publish’. It’s exactly as the name denotes: We’re going to click the publish button every day for 30 days. What does it mean for me? It means connection with the community involved. It means opportunities to learn, laugh, and grow with others. It means…