Hi! I’m Mark.🙂

Yes, everything on Nomad Skateboarding is free like you wouldn’t believe, (though donations appreciated 🙏). I build WordPress websites and host them myself at no charge.

Only that which is given can be received. This is not an empty platitude or lip service. This is how I live. This is how I attempt to live.

Under the Nomad Skateboarding name I’ve been building WordPress websites for free for good humans I come across for about 10 years.

Anyone can make a website, open an ecommerce store, or start a newsletter for free when you include open source and WordPress.

Reconsider who the product is when someone is selling you a course or putting up paywalls. You will find neither of those here.

Everyone is a Creator. All of us are entrepreneurs in our own endeavors. You don’t need to learn how to create or how to connect. You already know how 🙂

Let Nomad Skateboarding be your partner to furthering your good intentions via taking ownership of your content, your business, and your community.

On this site will be tutorials for building websites using WordPress, WooCommerce, Pressable, and Jetpack. My only connection to these three services is as a customer and a fan.

Very often we find it hard to start because it’s easy to web search answers and find all the pieces. But how do you put it all together and what’s the ‘best’ way to do it?

Everything I teach you will show my *personal process, from beginning to end, including apps used, buttons pressed, and links to all the shortcuts. *This may include eclectic music interludes 🎶

Did you see the answer to why I’ve built and hosted websites for free for years, and now I’m sharing all that information for free as well? If you’ve read this far you should know… it’s because YOU ARE LOVED ❤️