Frequently Asked Questions

You can send an email directly to me if you have questions, want me to build or host a website for you for free, or just need another human being to talk to ❤️.

This page is being updated every day! Like my life, this is a work in progress. Attempting to simplify all the info and pages on Nomad Skateboarding as I go. April 23rd 2023

FAQ Table of Contents

Where is all the content?

I completely rebuilt this site and changed its intent on February 14th, 2023.

Until now I had shared my WordPress website knowledge, design, and developer time person to person, one good human at a time as I encountered them skateboarding across the world.

There will be new content added to Nomad Skateboarding multiple times a week. Sign up for the newsletter in the menu at the top of any page to stay informed, entertained, and uplifted. 😊

What is Nomad Skateboarding?

Who Are you?

Nomad Skateboarding is me, Mark-Andrew. 🙂 “Nomad” is one of the monikers I was given in 1980 or so at age 5 shortly after receiving my first skateboard.

“That little nomad is out skateboarding again!”

My Mother

I’ve used the name Nomad Skateboarding, or the acronym NSB, as an umbrella name for all of my online endeavors for over 20 years (sorry, Nike! You owe me millions, though! 😅).

For the past years I’ve been pushing around on my skateboard, chasing the Sun, and making free WordPress websites for good humans wherever I find them. And… The world is full of good humans. ❤️

What’s this website about?

A forever free resource for anyone seeking a paradigm shift in who controls their time and influences their well-being.

In order to change the world, one must be different from the world.


IDEA – Inclusion • Diversity • Equity • Access

Skateboarding Nomadically Across The World