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  • Why work for free? Or, The courage of my convictions.

    My original intention was to use the famous photo of Thích Quảng Đức, the Buddhist monk who undertook self-imollation in protest on June 11th 1963, on this blog post. When I then went to search for an open source image file, I paused and thought, that’s a good way to cheapen his life, by using…

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  • Day 13: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

    Blog Prompt – My favorite WordPress site. Dave “barrd” Barr’s site is the one I share the most when speaking about accessibility, and WordPress in general. https://barrd.dev/ https://wptoots.social/@barrd Contributor Prompt – Follow a WordPress Contributor on GitHub. For the Contributor prompt I followed Aurooba Ahmed on GitHub. I’m stoked on this prompt today, as I’ve…

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  • Day 12: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

    Contributor Prompt – Favorite 20 WordPress themes or plugins. For the Contributor prompt, my favorite plugins and themes are here on my WordPress.org profile page. Special shout out to Anders Norén for his years of theme contributions! Check out his latest, ABISKO, for an amazing block theme with no bloat. 🙂 Day 13 post with…

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  • Day 11: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

    Blog Prompt – WordPress was launched 20 years ago on May 27, 2003. Share a memory, a picture, or tell us a story about where were you in 2003. I’m not actually sure where I was on the day WordPress was launched. 🤔 Throughout my life I’ve tended to not document things. There are very…

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  • Day 3: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

    I took another course, the WordPress Meetup Organizer Training. The courses from Learn WordPress are my favorite educational tool overall. I feel I learn something new about the project or the process every time I take one, irregardless of the topic!

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  • Skateboarding Across Colorado – 2021 Short

    Skateboarding Across Colorado – 2021 Short

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  • Taking 2 Days Off

    Sometimes the most important things are the simplest. I’m simply going to rest for a couple of days. So many options and so many paths have opened up. And I’ve begun to walk down many of them already. So today we find a tree a short distance away from the paths. We clear out a…

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  • Get Naked For A Cause! Skinny Dip Day 2023 🌊

    What is Skinny Dip Day? Confidence A good excuse to get out of your comfort zone and develop acceptance of yourself and others… united in all our flawed glory. Charity An opportunity to restore health to women who have been injured and shamed in birth trauma. Competition A playful way to recognize and encourage kindness…

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  • The ‘Greatest’ Poet You’ve Never Heard Of Is A Rap Artist

    Garbology by Aesop Rock x Blockhead *I use the term ‘greatest’ loosely and to denote they are brilliant at their art in my view. 🙂 You must use web view via Jetpack or WordPress mobile apps to listen to the Bandcamp embed. Aesop Rock – Abandoned Malls I was staring off into the waterLooking for…

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  • Day One Journal Prompt – Love 🫶

    ” What have you learned in your life about love?” That love and energy are two separate things. Love is (can be) limitless, bottomless, and endless. It can wait patiently and wait anxiously, all with the same intent. Energy, however, ebbs and flows every moment. It can reach fantastic highs in the blink of an…

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