Excerpts from Jetpack Customer Stories interview I did in 2021.

“But Mark-Andrew is unequivocally loyal to something: skateboarding and the open source community. He values experiences over things, people over profits, and community over corporations. 

It’s this mindset that’s drawn him to be such a strong supporter of open source, “Open source is kind of like skateboarding,” he says, “It’s not about the money involved — people are doing it for a reason.” 

If you could pinpoint a goal, Mark-Andrew’s would be to provide independence to skateboarders everywhere. As he travels and meets new people each day, he shares how he’s achieved a lifestyle that allows him to be a full-time skateboarder without giving in to commercialism. 

Mark has created a website that shows other skaters what can be done with tools like WordPress, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Pressable.”

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