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  • Total recurring donations→ 1 of $5 🙂
  • Past 12 Months Income → $4,300

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Stripe last 12 months income: $4,900

This single donation page is my entire income and what allows me to build websites for free for good humans.

This is how I put food in my belly. This is how I put shoes on my feet. This is how I continue to build websites for absolutely no charge, free like no one would believe.

I do my best every day to give both energetically and tangibly to every human I come across.

I build websites that people charge $3k – $10,000+ and ask for $0. No strings. No expectations.

I host many of these websites myself to begin with, and some always, paying all hosting costs. So yes, actually no strings attached, absolutely free to you. This gives you time to grow your business.

Most of my income doesn’t go towards building websites, though. It’s given directly back, individual by individual, to the community I find myself in that day.

Person by person. Dollar by dollar. Shirt off my back by shirt off my back. A safe space provided by a safe space provided. If it’s mine to give and support, giving and supporting is always my choice.

Yes, I realize this makes no sense to most. That people don’t value ‘free’. That you might believe I could get taken advantage of.

That’s okay. It’s all okay. My life is full. It brings me joy. It feels correct.

I’m spelling it out here not for any platitudes, as i deserve none. Save those for the amazing humans in front of you.

I don’t believe I “deserve” anything.

I do believe that with tangible support I will be able to make this world a better place for all of us by supporting one good human at a time.

These words are in the hopes that those good people I’ve supported, those I will soon encounter, and those that want to support both my message and a life well lived, will do so in order that I can support many, many more… ❤️

With sincere love and gratitude to the following supporters. 🫶