Web Design Portfolio

Professionally designed and developed WordPress websites for free.

I’m Mark-Andrew. I’ve been building websites for good humans at no cost for over ten years.

Principles are not money. They don’t lessen the more you use them.”

I use the open source cms WordPress, hosting company Pressable, e-commerce by WooCommerce, and the Jetpack plugin to build homes on the interwebs for good humans. I don’t charge. I run on reciprocation if it’s given.

The websites below were all designed, developed, and maintained for free. My own work on each varies, from making every design decision to just providing hosting and feedback. But the amount of love for the good humans behind each project, and the energy they’re putting into the world, is equal on every one.

This portfolio is here to showcase the projects themselves, not necessarily the work I put into them. ❤️

*These websites may still be in the process of building or redesign. Each project is noted.*

  • Gaia Sun’s Gallery

    Gaia Sun’s Gallery

    “Gaia Sun is an amazing human and a brilliant artist.” I met Gaia Sun walking the boardwalk in Ocean Beach, CA. They were outside setting up their art to sell for the first time and had spent their last $30 on a sun cover. I offered to help pitch the sun cover and they accepted. […]

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  • Shanti Vibrations

    Shanti Vibrations

    “Shanti is a good human with an otherworldly energy.🧙‍♂️” I met Shanti in Ocean Beach, CA while they were busking and playing music for the people in the California sunshine. Over the next year I was honored to become a part of Shanti’s energetic circle. I learned they are an exceptionally talented artist and musician […]

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  • Aquarzoss


    “Aidé is a good human I met by being extended trust from a stranger.” I met Aidé, the owner of Aquarzoss, in Rosarito, Baja, Mexico. I went to Mexico to find affordable housing while recovering from back surgery. Usually I’m living in my tent. Sometimes I’ll grab a hostel bed every so often to recharge […]

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